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For those who were not able to attend, please be advised that Planning  
and Zoning did not make a decision regarding the project but have  
scheduled another public hearing for March 27th.  All public comments  
have now been heard and no further public comment will be accepted. As  
the County Commissioners Meeting was scheduled for March 26th, this  
will now be delayed until after the next Planning and Zoning Meeting.  
The Pleasant Park Neighborhood Association will wait until the verdict  
on March 27th before holding our next meeting to discuss further action.
We will keep everyone posted.

Welcome to the Pleasant Park Neighborhood Association


The Pleasant Park Neighborhood Association is a community organization developed to provide a variety of services to our local area. We invite all neighbors living within the Pleasant Park area to join this association. The association hosts normal business meetings every other month with occasional topic specific informational meetings.

The Association has the following goals:

  • Environmental - Protecting our natural resources and the beauty of our mountains
  • Community of Sharing - Welcoming new neighbors and providing assistance to the elderly
  • Current Issues - Distributing information on issues which pertain to the safety and future of our community
  • Social Events - To provide a means of introducing neighbors and create a sense of community.

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