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Committee Descriptions

The Pleasant Park Neighborhood Association has several active committees. If you are interested in actively participating on any of these committees, please contact PPNA with your interests and talents.

The following list provides the major committees. Some of these committees have subcommittees.

  • Safety - This committee works with local fire and sheriff departments to for the purposes of a neighborhood watch program, animal control, evacuation procedures, noise control, traffic issues, and bicycle safety.

  • Environmental - Working with various county and state departments to distribute information regarding clean water, healthy forests, etc. in an effort to maintain and protect our local environment.

  • Planning and Zoning - This committee works with the county to distribute information regarding all future rezoning and development which impact our area.

  • Community Service - Providing assistance to seniors and neighbors.
  • Social Events - Providing annual social activities.

Internal working committees which keep the association running smoothly include the PPNA board and the communications committee.


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