Conifer Center (aka Conifer Commons)  Case 20-111200RZ

Planning & Zoning Org Chart

Case Manager: Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson



Jefferson County

100 Jefferson County Parkway

Suite 3550

Golden, CO  80419

o 303.271.8727


Public Comments for 1st Referral   PPNA letter 1   PPNA letter 2   PPNA letter 3 PPNA letter 4

Conifer / 285 Plan

Conifer / 285 Plan Design Guidelines

Conifer / 285 Corridor Area Plan Map

Conifer Commons Zoning Violation 1      Conifer Commons Zoning Violation 2        Photo of area behind Safeway in violation    

Link to wetlands affected by this development                      

Map of 47 acre development with slope and meadow overlaid: