Conifer Corners Case # 22-106137PA

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Development into a subdivision

The Pre Application documents..

 Address of 26209 Pleasant Park Rd.

 This proposal is to subdivide the land into 24 separate lots for Triplex housing units (72DUs), with private roads connecting the lots with one main connection to Pleasant Park Rd. The plan the water supply for the site is to access ground water from a well on the property and supply it to the subdivision without any connections to outside water sources. The plan to provide sanitary sewer services for all sewage to be treated on the property at one treatment site. lots on the west side will have a gravity sewer that will flow to the on-site treatment on the southwest side of the property. The lots on the East side of the property will have a sanitary sewer will flows the northeast side of the property to a lift station where the sewage will be pumped to the on-site treatment on the southwest side of the site.

Site Plan

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location    status as of 10/31/2022

A bit of history ...

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High Timber Times

Water Doc

Planning & Zoning Org Chart

Conifer / 285 Plan

Conifer / 285 Plan Design Guidelines

Conifer / 285 Corridor Area Plan Map